Mellon Forum Undergraduate Research Grants

Mellon Forum Research Grants are available to seniors participating in and presenting to the Commonplace Society for a maximum of $500 funding toward your research project. Please carefully review the requirements below before applying.

Please consult the Research at Yale guidelines before submitting your application—no exceptions to University guidelines for safe research can be considered.


Funds are to be used toward travel, room and board while traveling, and non-durable goods (single-use items). Any durable good purchased by the student must be given to the college, or academic department, upon completion of the project. (For example, if a student's research project demands some form of electronic equipment, the equipment must be left to Yale once the student is done using it.)


  1. Registration, a scheduled presentation and regular attendance at Commonplace Society meetings are required in order to qualify for Mellon Forum Research Grant funds. Please confirm that you will be able to attend all scheduled meetings before applying for funds— one excused absence will be approved with advance notice and approval from Commonplace Coordinator Jackie Folmar.
  2. A one-page description of your planned study of research and a line-item budget must accompany each application. You will need to provide the name of the faculty advisor who will supervise your project on the application form.
  3. In addition to being active members in good standing and presenting the results of the supported research/project to Commonplace Society, recipients of Mellon Forum Undergraduate Research Grants, must keep all receipts and then submit a written report of their research along with an accounting of their expenditures to the Berkeley College Office no later than April 15th.

Application checklist

  • Registration for the Commonplace Society.
    Be sure to request a presentation date.
  • Arrangements to attend all meetings of the Commonplace Society.
    Grant recipients must attend all Tuesday evening dinners.
  • One-page description of proposed research, approved by your advisor.
  • Detailed, itemized budget.
    Note exclusions listed above under 'Uses'.
  • Name and contact information for Yale faculty advisor.

Application Form

Applications for Mellon Forum Research Grants must be submitted via the Yale Student Grants Database. Search for 'Berkeley College Mellon Senior Research Grant'.

*If you are submitting an application in the spring, notify Commonplace Society coordinator Jackie Folmar once you have submitted. The Student Grants database does not notify us of submissions.


Please direct any questions about the application process to the Commonplace Society Coordinator Jackie Folmar.

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