The Leadership Council

The Commonplace Society is a forum designed to foster academic growth and a deeper sense of community among Berkeley seniors. An integral part to this fellowship is the role of the Student Leadership Council in planning, preparing for, and facilitating Commonplace Society meetings. Members nominate themselves and their peers to serve, and nominees form teas to share the responsibilities listed below.

The following is a brief overview of Leadership Council positions. Select the header for any given position for a more detailed description.

Overview of Positions


  • contact presenters for titles, abstracts and the names of their introducers two weeks before each meeting
  • initiate and facilitate discussion of theme, catering, wine and decorations amongst Leadership Council two weeks before each meeting
  • send out event e-vites to membership ten days prior to each meeting
  • are the keepers of the guest book and ensures it is put out for members to sign at each meeting
  • send e-mail to the catering coordinators to advise them on head count five days prior to each meeting


  • design a logo for the society
  • print up a program for each meeting with logo, date, names of presenters, titles of their presentations, and a list of the evening’s wines
  • print up name cards for the members with their names on both sides of the card
  • assist with set-up prior to each meeting
  • keep blank name cards handy throughout the year for new guests and members
  • work with the photographer to design a year-end slideshow for the final BBQ


  • order, purchase, and have delivered (or pick up) food for the group from a variety of New Haven restaurants—get total number of attendants from Advertising & Communications Coordinator prior to event
  • assist with set-up prior to meeting
  • fill out a food evaluation within 48 hours after each event
  • deliver itemized receipts to Naomi in HoC Office within 24 hours of making food purchase.


  • are the keepers of the Society’s memories and memorabilia
  • produce a 1-page synopsis of each meeting’s events to be posted to the Commonplace Website Blog after each meeting
  • receive an abstract from each presenter and includes that in the synopsis
  • produce a comprehensive report on the Society's proceedings at the end of the year to be posted online


  • keep an eye on the time during the meeting, so we start and end on time and transition from one event to another seamlessly (brings a clock with him/her to each meeting)kicks off the evening by greeting members and introducing the wine stewards
  • encourage others to make toasts
  • announce catering and dessert stewards so they can introduce dessert
  • recognize the introducers
  • raise 3-minute and 1-minute warning cards for the presenter
  • offer the concluding toast


  • are in charge of creating enthusiasm, camaraderie, and fun
  • select a theme for each meeting, communicates theme to the Leadership Council two weeks in advance and orders corresponding decorations
  • facilitate group events (Kudos Kup)
  • are in charge of providing music at the start of each meeting
  • notify MC of member birthdays
  • responsible for working with the Artistic Coordinator to design some form of apparel that will distinguish presenters from other members, and for bestowing these articles on the presenters each meeting
  • direct set-up and decorations prior to each meeting


  • are in charge of taking photographs at each meeting to include: Formal shot of presenters, informal shots of members throughout the evening, and shots of food and wine
  • upload photographs from each meeting to the Commonplace Society Flickr account, and posts each gallery to the Commonplace Society website
  • are in charge of taking a photograph of the Leadership Council with the Coordinator at some point in the year
  • work with the artistic coordinator to create an end-of-the-year slideshow to be presented at the final BBQ celebration for the Society hosted by Master Chun and Associate Master Ahn at their house
  • create a slideshow for the Commonplace archives and the senior slideshow in the spring


  • are charged with the Commonplace Society's digital presence and facilitating the use of technology both in and out of meetings
  • implement new technologies that enhance and extend the sense of community and camaraderie so central to the Society
  • should be comfortable working with MailChimp, and ideally some familiarity with HTML
  • work with the Communications and Advertising Coordinator to distribute invitations via MailChimp and solicit RSVPs via this website for each meeting
  • work with the Communications and Advertising Coordinator to collect any digital materials presenters will use
  • work with the Photographer(s) and Historian(s) to ensure the Historian's notes and Photographs are properly formatted and uploaded the website in as timely a fashion as possible


  • create a lively and educational ten minute presentation at the first Society meeting to educate members about wine
  • choose wines, and order appropriate number of bottles for expected attendance, with a budget of about $12/bottle, no tax charged
  • bring a wine opener to each event
  • deliver a short five minute talk at each meeting about why they chose the wine, a few fun facts the group might like to know about the grape, the vintage, and the region
  • assist with set-up prior to meeting
  • are in charge of removing wine bottles at the end of the night
  • deliver itemized receipts to Naomi in HoC Office within 24 hours of making wine purchase
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