Artistic Director

The Artistic Director of the Commonplace Society of Berkeley College is charged with developing an aesthetic unique to their class’ Commonplace Society that is captured most visibly in the logo they design for the Society. The Artistic Director works closely with Ministers of Culture and Communications Coordinator to ensure the aesthetic unity of the Society’s print and digital materials.

The logo will be used on the programs designed and printed by the Artistic Director prior to each meeting and on the Commonplace website. These programs will have the date, the name of the society, a list of the coordinators’ names and titles, the name of the presenter along with the title of their presentation, the names of the featured wines and a short description of each wine. To save paper,  a dozen programs will be printed.

The Artistic Director will also create name tents with the names of each of the members on them and will neatly set them up near the buffet so members can pick them up as they arrive.

The Artistic Director will assist in the design and maintenance of the Commonplace website, which will serve as a dynamic archive of the group’s present, past, and future.

The Artistic Director may also be needed to assist the Advertising and Communications Coordinator with the design and layout of the e-invitation that is sent out to members prior to each meeting.

Finally, the Artistic Director will also work closely with the Photographer to create an end-of-the-year slideshow to be presented during Senior Week.

As a member of the Commonplace Society Leadership Council, the Artistic Director is expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to each meeting to help set up the Mendenhall Room.

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