Catering & Dessert Coordinators

The Catering and Dessert Coordinators of The Commonplace Society of Berkeley College play a valuable role in the society: they keep the members well fed! In addition, they will help educate members about a wide range of cuisines by selecting food from a variety of restaurants in the greater New Haven area. The intention should be to avoid repeating a particular cuisine during the year and the Coordinators are encouraged to be creative within their budget.

The Catering and Dessert Coordinators need to determine the types of cuisine to be served at each of the meetings in order to coordinate with the Wine Stewards who will pair the wines to the cuisine. Since the Wine Stewards may choose to purchase wine in bulk at the beginning of each semester, the Catering Coordinators need to determine a semester’s worth of meals at the beginning of each semester. They need, then, to communicate that information to the two Wine Stewards and the Advertising and Communications Coordinator who will let members know on the Facebook event invitation what cuisine to expect for the evening.
The Coordinators should use a p-card (purchasing card) from the Berkeley College Office for food orders whenever possible. The credit card receipt must be itemized and turned in to the Berkeley College Office by 5PM on the Thursday after each meeting. To be reimbursed for cash payments, Coordinators can expect to receive a petty cash voucher from the Berkeley College Office within a week of turning in their itemized receipt. They can then take that voucher to the Yale Treasury Services on the corner of Whitney and Grove to exchange it for cash.
The Catering and Dessert Coordinators will fill out a Catering Information & Evaluation sheet at the end of each Commonplace Society meeting in order to give important feedback on costs, size of order, and catering venue. A Catering and Dessert Evaluation should be filled out by 5PM on the Thursday after each meeting.
As members of the Commonplace Society Leadership Council, the Catering Coordinators will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to each event in order to receive the food and deliver it to the Mendenhall Room.
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